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Sharing My Experience About Past Life Regression Therapy

A few years ago, there was a reality show, titled 'Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka', being broadcasted on television, wherein people were put into deep trance and were enabled to see what they were in their previous life. This initially seemed like just another scripted reality show based on some weird concept.

But when I came to know about "Past Life Regression" I realized that there indeed was such a concept wherein people can view their past-life (lives) and that it helps cure any chronic problems one may have been experiencing in their current life. One of my friends, Shailesh Javkar, told me that his wife has recently completed a course and has conducted this discourse at a couple of the local schools as well, for students. So I decided to get a firsthand experience myself. Mrs. Javkar, conducted the therapy. She put my conscious mind into deep sleep in order to wake up my subconscious self. The therapy went on for about 40 - 45 minutes. I could actually see some visions of a life which I believe was my previous birth. Once the session was over and I returned to normal state, I really felt quite relaxed and refreshed.

While I did not do it to cure any specific problem, it was an amazing experience, with due credit going to Mrs. Javkar. It speaks volumes about the strengths and capabilities of a human subconscious mind. I think we can definitely use such therapies to unlock the real potential hidden within each one of us.

Thanks & regards -- Chinmay. S. Sangoram, (M.B.A., Financial Analyst).